session 5: support, love, & encouragement

“The most important thing to remember when you feel discouraged is to get around people. Don’t close in. Reach out to family and friends. Let yourself be supported. When you can’t lift yourself up, let someone else do it.” ~ The Coach’s Coach

I wouldn’t be anywhere without the support, love, and encouragement of my family and friends. They lift me up when I am down. Help me walk when I want to crawl. Pull me out of the house when I want to climb under my covers. Make me laugh when all I want to do is cry.

In an earlier session, Joy asked “How strong is your support system?” My initial response was that I am surrounded by a large number of supportive people. I truly am. After a few minutes of mulling over the question, I finally admitted that there are a few around me that aren’t so supportive, and their attitudes really affect me. A single discussion with these individuals make me feel silly, dumb, and (worst of all) like I don’t matter.

“You need to distance yourself from those people,” Joy said.

She’s right…of course. I do. And I will. (Can you say “homework”?)

I spent the following couple of weeks identifying the “real” players in my support system. No surprises there. When Joy and I met for our fifth session, I reported on my homework progress and my satisfaction with the outcome. I can easily say that my circle of support is now brighter and warmer than ever.

During our discussion, I was struck by one revelation: the support I receive is directly affected by saying what I mean and what I’m feeling. This idea was like a big slap in the face. Joy would refer to it as taking a cool splash of water to the face. Got to love her.

Obviously, I could not let this new-found notion pass me by without learning from it. So learn from it I did.

Saying what I mean isn’t as hard for me now as it was at first. I feel like I am more clearly verbalizing what I need and/or want. It’s much better than fumbling with my words because I am trying to protect myself or the other person.

Whether they know it or not, my family and friends are rewarding me with even more support and encouragement than ever before. The effect is dazzling and empowering. I feel strong again.


To all of those special people in my life (you know who you are)…thank you so much. xo


~ by hpiazza on 06/17/2011.

One Response to “session 5: support, love, & encouragement”

  1. We love you with all our hearts….and are very proud of you.

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