time to relay

Photo appeared in the blog “Relay for Life – Prepare to be Moved”

Tomorrow is a big day. I will playing my part in a ginormous effort to raise money to fight cancer. Tomorrow is relay day.

I cannot say enough about the American Cancer Society. The ACS provides endless amounts of support to cancer patients and their families. From funding cancer research and educating the public about preventative measures, to providing transportation to treatment and supplying wigs for those losing their hair. It’s incredible how one organization can do so much good for so many.

Tomorrow, I along with countless members of my community will be taking part in the Relay for Life. I’ve been told that this is one of the most moving, most inspirational events you could ever attend. I can’t wait.

For me, this event is going to be more than getting caught up in the moment with my fellow friends and neighbors. It’s about saving lives. And for that, I will happily place my needs aside for 24 hours and focus on the things I can do to help others in need.

Before it even begins, my heart is in my throat. I’m emotional for all of those I know who have died because of cancer, and for those who have bravely battled through it and remain with us today. When I walk, I will be walking with a memory of each one of those people. My participation is my tribute to you…because I love you and because you mean so much to me.

This day is not all about sadness and heartache, though. It’s also about celebration and empowerment…about seizing the day because you never know what tomorrow will bring. It’s about losing all the drama and concentrating on the important people and things around us.

This could not be a better time for me to experience a reminder of such an important lesson.

To all you relayers…let’s do this!


~ by hpiazza on 06/24/2011.

One Response to “time to relay”

  1. You go girl!!….and we will be there part of the time to support you 🙂

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